An insight into the Kpop broadcasting system

Teenagers used to sit in front of their televisions to catch up on various broadcasts and daily soaps, which, however, seems like ancient history now because this is no longer the scenario, especially not for the GenZ. The Kpop broadcasting system that serves as a connection between the idols and their fans has managed to preserve its significance, regardless. For this, they have started to upload additional content such as Fancams, and Behind-The-Scene clips on Social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram, which they previously couldn’t showcase through televisions. Plus, even arranging Online Fan meets, which before the Covid outbreak used to be offline. The motive behind this remains the same that is, the idols and their followers can interact with each other via video calls.

The advancement of the digital market has enabled the producers to come up with several innovative ideas that facilitate the engagement of these idols with their fanbase. Perhaps for the same reasons, broadcasts play a crucial role in the success of this industry.

Below we’re going to discuss some mainstream Kpop Broadcasting Systems and their features.

THE SHOW (Tuesday 18:00 P.M)

  • Since 2011.04.15 ~ Now
  • Prize name : THE SHOW Choice

SHOW CHAMPION (Wednesday 17:00 P.M)

  • Since 2012.2.14 ~ Now
  • Famous for camera woriking and cut editing

M COUNTDOWN (Thursday 18:00 P.M)

  • Since 2004.7.22 ~ Now
  • Idols usually have comeback stage on M COUNTDOWN
  • First, started uploading FancCam video on youtube in 2014

MUSIC BANK (Friday 17:00 P.M)

  • Since 1998.06.16 ~ Now

SHOW! MUSIC CORE (Saturday 15:40 P.M)

Simply Kpop (13:00)

  • No ranking system, soley
  • Recorded broadcast

INKIGAYO (Sunday 15:50 P.M)

  • Since 1998.02.01 ~ Now
  • The most longest-running Kpop broadcasts

Broadcasting schedule


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