Features That Make Korean Restaurants Different From the Rest

There are several characteristics of Korean eateries that contribute to their culture’s uniqueness, here are a few examples that can guarantee you an amazing experience the next time you visit a Korean restaurant.

Self Service

The word ‘Self’ is a Konglish expression, and a lot of No-Frill restaurants in South Korea stick to this idea, which allows the restaurants to operate in such a way that clients can choose and serve their own meals. And the quantity they wish to consume has certainly no restrictions on it.

Complimentary Side Dishes

With an endless number of No-frill restaurants available in Korea, the best part about it remains the side dishes which one can have for free, on top of that you can even get a refill. Surprisingly, even bottled water is available at no cost.

Call Button

In many Korean restaurants, a switch is installed to the table, which is referred to as the “Call Button.” Therefore, the next time you are at a Korean restaurant, just press the call button and a waiter will be at your service.

Cutlery Drawer

Regardless of the time you wait, most of the Korean eateries will not provide you with any utensils. Don’t panic, this merely means that you can get the cutlery from the side of the table. Cutlery and paper napkins are kept in the table’s side drawer, you simply take them out, when required.

Korean BBQ Table

You might get intrigued, when a giant table in some BBQ restaurant with a griddle on it catches your attention. Well, in fine dining establishments, a waiter prepares the food on it, so that it can be served immediately, with the freshness and warmness of the food preserved.


Some restaurants would provide you with an apron to wear to prevent you from getting anything on your clothes. It’s possible that it’ll be hanging on the wall of the restaurant. Take it when needed, and return it once you’ve finished your meal.

No Tip

A no tipping culture is observed in South Korea, so all you have to do is just pay the price accurately. But at times if you wish, you can tip the waiter at the restaurant you ate in.


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