Taxis in Korea; here’s how to hail one!

In a busy world with modern people, a taxi is one of the most convenient and frequent modes of transportation. A taxi, used for activities as simple as travel, is the life of any metropolitan city. This particular piece of work will help you navigate your way around Korea and after this, it will be safe to say that hailing a cab would be a piece of cake for you.

Colours of taxis

What comes to your mind when you think of different colored taxis? You would think that there’s no relation between hailing a taxi and what colour it is but it’s more than that. The key is that the colour of a taxi varies depending on the region and what type it is. The most common taxi colours are grey, orange and black. If you ever visit the capital Seoul, you would find orange taxis.  

Types of Taxi

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The types of taxis are divided according to the vehicle’s displacement. As shown in the picture, it is generally divided into six types. The larger the size of the taxi fare table taxi, the higher the price. The most common basic fare for medium taxis is about 3,800 won, and if you use model taxis and large taxis, the basic fare rises to more than 5,000 won.

International Taxi

International taxis are only for foreigners who are officially certified in Seoul. Currently, there are about 350 cabs in operation only in Seoul. There are medium taxis, large taxis, and deluxe taxis. The maximum number of passengers is 3 and if you have 4 carriers, then you’d have to take a deluxe cab. There are also ordinary taxis that you can rent for your ride around Seoul and on top of that, you can choose various courses too.

Hailing a cab

The way to get a taxi is simple. While waiting on the sidewalk near the road where the car can stop for a while, if you see a taxi nearby, you can extend your arm to indicate your intention to board the taxi. It is important to be aware that the taxi is ready for people to board, and if it says “empty car”(빈차) on the top of the windshield as shown in the photo, it means that there are currently no passengers in the taxi, so that they can be picked up. You can get a taxi with the words “empty car”(빈차) on it.

Hailing a cab with easy mobile applications

Kakao taxi

Kakao Taxi is a cab service that connects taxi drivers and passengers. It is a widely used application in Korea to call a taxi. As per stats, more than 10 million users are currently using this service per month. It merely takes 5 minutes to call a cab to your location and to be on your merry way.  All you have to do is select the type of cab you want and you’d get the estimated fares as well. Since it is linked to the Kakao service, Kakao Talk users can use this service more easily. Also if you register your card with the application in advance, automatic payment can be done too.


UT is a relatively new service created with a combination programming of Uber and T-Map. Like Kakao Taxi, UT is also a taxi call service allowing passengers to hail a cab from their preferred location. Since this service is particularly more recent, the location accuracy is not the best compared to Kakao Taxi and sometimes it takes a lot of time to call a cab as the number of taxis associated with UT is very small. 

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